Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Vibrant Sound

Gotta tell you guys about a new project I am working on.

The Vibrant Sound CD LAYOUT FINAL

Pretty VIBRANT huh?

I am playing in a Provo based band called the Vibrant Sound. We have already produced and Album this summer and played all over Provo and Orem and have even been on trips to Rexburg, Idaho and Las Vegas. We're building a pretty cool fan base to say the least. We've been busy.

I met Mckay and the boys a little while ago and since then things have been getting better and better. We play a wide array of tunes... from Marvin Gaye and Bill Withers to our own music that was mostly written by Mckay. Our debut album "Downtown" was recorded at Joshua James' home and Mastered at Lurssen Mastering in California (the same place they mastered Across the Universe and Slum Dog Millionaire).

The final product is pretty awesome and not like anything I've been involved with before so I'm pretty stoked on it. I also did all the CD layout and design and Tshirts and Posters and what not. It's been a blast and can't wait to see where we go next! Check out our myspace page at and our online store at

I also have done a few other things like do DA HUI's t-shirt drawing and some photoshoots... enjoy.

My illustration on the back of Da Hui's 31st Annual paddleboard race

Tame stitch color bump

Velzy land

vland snap