Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Monday with Eric

Me and Eric decided to go to Off-The-Wall the other day and needless to say it was a good idea. We got there around 8am feeling pretty good. It was a little cold (to Hawaii standards) but after some quick stretching we were in the water.

From the shore it didn't really look like the heavy hitter it was once you were in the impact zone on your way out. It wasn't that hard to get out to the line up but it was kinda hard to know where to sit that day. I found myself in the wrong spot on one occasion and took two 4-6 footers on the head. I was dazed and I was so surprised my leash didn't snap. Even after the waves had hit me my board felt like it was stuck in the reef. I'm sure Shane Dorian and Sunny Garcia had a laugh at me because they were out too. So dazed and a little shaken up I stayed out for a little while longer until I decided to go in and take a breather. Some of our other friends showed up and even gave me some water. I was stoked. Eric was still out snapping shots of everyone. He got the neatest shot of John John Florence boosting like 6ft out. Jeff Hubbard was also out pulling big airs off of everything. I was having a blast sitting there and watching the spectacle. The thought crossed my mind to just leave but with some encouragement Eric got me out in the water again. By this time it was around 10am or 11am. The wind was just starting to pick up but the surf was still holding up. I got some fun rides in and was stoked that I didn't just get up and go. Here are some shots :-)

Little air drop at insanity's

small kine turn


Trying my best to hold my line

It barely missed me :-)

We left around 1pm. It was a solid session. After going home and looking through the shots a few times at Eric's, playing some video games, and grabbing a quick bite we went back out to V-land from 4pm-6pm. It was a good day. Mahalo Eric!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Waimea Bay after a show in Haleiwa

waimea bay's night time story

We played a show in Haleiwa this evening. Tom and I decided to stop and take some photos from a POV that I have been wanting to shoot ever since I could see over the door and out the window of the family car. This view made me take a trip down memory lane.

When I was growing up my family would jump in the van and go to Pizza Hut in Haleiwa every once and a while. It was always a treat. I remember loving to go to see and hear the crashing of the waves as we drove by. I didn't realize then how much of a blessing it was to have been able to grow up in such a beautiful environment. "Lucky I live Hawaii."

Mahalo Mom and Dad.

I forgot my tripod and I had to use the guardrail to take these photos. It was around 1am so I was a little weary of drunk drivers but I am really happy with the results.

Waimea's night time story

waimea night_1

waimea night bw

Monday, October 13, 2008

a little update...

So... just to let everyone know what happened with the brickfish thing I came in 325th place... which considering how long I was a member of that site(which was only a week or so) pretty good :-)

I had over 4,000 views from all 50 states and all over the world too. Thankyou all who decided to visit the site and vote for me!

Since then I have been plugging away at furthering my photography in a few applications. Here are some of the recent examples of things that I have done...

Ala Moana sky panoramic

Ala Moana Green Sunset Panoramic

More power

North Shore Evening

Color dreams

Jessica Matthews 13

Jessica Matthews 8


Britnee and Keala

Upstanding Youth has also finally had a CD release show! There will be some pictures of that event up soon! It was an awesome show and we can't wait to play next week at The Loft in Honolulu. Good times!

Thanks for stopping by :-)


For more info on the pictures simply click on the photo and navigate through my flickr page.