Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Summa Summa Summah taiime...

This summer was epic. I was blessed with the chance to go home and play some shows with Cubworld and Upstanding Youth. It was so cool to be home, see family, and realize how much I am not in shape to be out in the water. I ate it on a longboard skateboard like a week before going home that made being out in the water uncomfortable(thanks Ed). Thought about putting pics up of that but then realized who looks at this and well... didn't want to gross you guys out. Just take my word that it didn't feel good. So back to Hawaii... it was an awesome trip home. I even got to do a couple photoshoots. We also released Cubworld's EP "I Love _____" It sounds awesome and make sure to let me know if you donated and didn't get a digital copy. Email me and I will get it to you! As you also know The VIBRANT SOUND produced it's first album called Downtown. You can get it at or even on iTunes but if you can afford to get it off our website do it cause I want you to have some of my artwork :-)

Just before I went to Hawaii I went to see Jason Mraz in Las Vegas with Jo, Emily, and Kiel. That was a fun and pretty cool concert. It was at The Palms hotel's Pearl Concert theater. The sound was amazingly clear. Definitely a night to remember... it started at like 1am and didn't finish until around 4am. Jo kept dozing off during the set up and breaks. I also learned how bad Vegas traffic can be... even in the middle of the night. It was horrible. While out there we all stopped by my Grandparents to say Hi. They took us out to a Chinese buffet. Right after meeting with them we were on our way back to Utah.

I went on a few tours with the bands here on the mainland too. Once out to the Bay Area with CUBWORLD where we stayed with a wonderful family that really took care of us. I got to see Sacramento and San Fransisco. Blake from Upstanding Youth and his wife Janet came out and met with me and Jacob when we played and also showed us around San Fran. Thanks guys! The Vibrant Sound made a couple of trips to Vegas, Idaho, and California. I made a bunch of new friends and saw people I knew too. It's amazing that even though I am from a tiny island I have friends almost everywhere I go. I'm so grateful for that.

On top of all that traveling me and Jo did a 2 week tour of Zion National Park, Mesquite, Nevada, and San Diego, California. That had to be another highlight of the summer. Just being able to spend one on one time with her for that long of a time period was a treat. We hiked some pretty cool trails in Zion including The Narrows, The Subway, and a few other smaller hikes in the front country. We also drove to Vegas one day to visit Granny and Grandpa Dean. It was another good visit. They took us out for Chinese again :-) I think its becoming a nice tradition. Love you Gran and Grandpa. We stayed at a hotel in Mesquite and drove to Zion every other day for a week then it was off to San Diego to stay with Nathan and Chelsey. While we were in San Diego we went to see the sights, went to the beach of course, got some mexican food right next to the border, and hit up a Knott's Berry Farm waterpark.

I realize that I love to travel. I have so many pictures that I want to show you all. the ones from flickr will be in a slideshow here and the more personal ones will be on facebook for those of you that know me. It may take a while for me to get through all of them so even if a few months from now I am still posting things from this summer forgive me please.

Oh before I forget. I am starting a tshirt design company with a few of my buddies called rock ahn designs. Be on the lookout for it! I could have written a lot more about each one of these trips and I hope to return back to each one and tell you stories but they will have to wait. I hope this will suffice for now!


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