Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Final

Upstanding Youth - A Sense of Urgency Final Art Work

The following is taken from my flickr page

This is the final work. I decided to add the texture on the left and right for track listing and thank you space.

I also did this to include the full composition of the piece instead of having missing parts of the written lyrics throughout the painting.

Thanks for all the support and feedback!

The album will be sent out on Tuesday to be mastered,pressed, and printed.

We had our final listen through last night and the album sounds to us as the best work we've done so far. Be on the lookout for it!

We are going to be playing a bunch of shows over the next few months ESPECIALLY in the month of Oct as that will be the month of our release shows! Our website ( ) will be going through some changes to accommodate the album so don't be afraid to drop by there every once and a while.

our blog located at is the most frequently updated on how things are going and all of our show info is located on our myspace page.

Mahalo everyone!


Friday, August 29, 2008

Even more progress...

A sense of Urgency Album Art

Seems to be really coming along... as it should... there are some things that I need to add and the "upstandingyouth" and "sense of urgency" lettering aren't the final... neither is the photographs... so this really is a rough.

But I just wanted to show you all what I have been up to. I'm pretty stoked on it!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Progress on the album art

here is some of the progress I've been making...

Hope you guys like it... and don't worry this is only half of the whole front 3 panels.

Take into consideration that the final product will only be inches. Not anywhere near as large as it is here.

and remember this is not the final product!

I also added a better representation of Ech and Ad ;-P

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My second time to the Stairway to Heaven

"The Shark" and I have been wanting to go ever since the last time we were there a year ago. We finally made it up. We went with a pretty large group and my good friend Kris from

We left at night so that we'd be able to get some night shots as well as be able to be there for the sunrise. Needless to say it was an awesome time. Here are a few shots that really made the trip and hike worth it.

night over Kaneohe
night over Kaneohe Bay

me towards the summit

as the suns light slowly was approaching the horizon
The Imminent Sunrise over Kaneohe

Sunrise over the windward side of Oahu

sunrise over the Koolaus

sunrise looking over Olomana

Black and white view of Kaneohe

The Stairway

stairway with one of the most beautiful scenes I've seen to date

Me by Kris

Aaron Eskaran

check out more photos of this beautiful hike @

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Upstanding Youth New CD Art

The title of the new record will be called "A SENSE OF URGENCY."

The problem I was faced with was to produce art work that would portray that feeling without the end product to be considered ANGRY.

When I asked the guys what I should do I was given a different array of answers. SO not too sure of where to go I produced this drawing.

we'll see if that ends up on the album.

As far as everything else... I decided to go and do traditional drawing and painting working on paper instead of doing everything on the computer. I got some supplies and can't wait to dive into them. I prepped a sheet of nice sturdy paper and will be adding to it as soon as my design gets approved by the guys. I don't have the luxury to use as much of everything to try things out so I want to do all the preliminary stuff on the computer then apply everything done here to the paper. Should be tough but I'm more than up to the challenge.
Here are the supplies...

After doing some serious thinking on the project I really wanted to include those who really mean a lot to us this time around on the album art. I'll explain later, but I got the wives and kids in on it.

Here is what I have drawn up until this point. I have a few more things but I arranged them this way to see what everyone thought. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK... please. I don't only want this to be Aaron's ideas and then when it's printed for everyone to be sketch on the outcome.

Things can be moved and they probably will be:-)

This is the layout we'll be working with.

much love -aaron

ps- just for fun I did a quick edit of the kind of style I would apply with the paint...

pps- I posted this post last night on the UY blog. We have now met as a band and everyone has given me the okay with a few exceptions. I will be adding Marc's wife and changing some of the spacing slightly. But the overall composition will remain the same.