Thursday, August 14, 2008

Upstanding Youth New CD Art

The title of the new record will be called "A SENSE OF URGENCY."

The problem I was faced with was to produce art work that would portray that feeling without the end product to be considered ANGRY.

When I asked the guys what I should do I was given a different array of answers. SO not too sure of where to go I produced this drawing.

we'll see if that ends up on the album.

As far as everything else... I decided to go and do traditional drawing and painting working on paper instead of doing everything on the computer. I got some supplies and can't wait to dive into them. I prepped a sheet of nice sturdy paper and will be adding to it as soon as my design gets approved by the guys. I don't have the luxury to use as much of everything to try things out so I want to do all the preliminary stuff on the computer then apply everything done here to the paper. Should be tough but I'm more than up to the challenge.
Here are the supplies...

After doing some serious thinking on the project I really wanted to include those who really mean a lot to us this time around on the album art. I'll explain later, but I got the wives and kids in on it.

Here is what I have drawn up until this point. I have a few more things but I arranged them this way to see what everyone thought. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK... please. I don't only want this to be Aaron's ideas and then when it's printed for everyone to be sketch on the outcome.

Things can be moved and they probably will be:-)

This is the layout we'll be working with.

much love -aaron

ps- just for fun I did a quick edit of the kind of style I would apply with the paint...

pps- I posted this post last night on the UY blog. We have now met as a band and everyone has given me the okay with a few exceptions. I will be adding Marc's wife and changing some of the spacing slightly. But the overall composition will remain the same.


KristenE. said...

I LOVE it!!! Thanks fo radding baby Ava and me =o) This is so very special....btw I loike Echo's arms...hehe =oD

aaron eskaran said...

yeah thats what everyone else said. But I am going to fix that...

thanks sis

Kevin Tame said...

Dude I just figured out what this pic reminds me of... 1995. Supergrass had this album with a guys screaming on it. I saw the pic the day you posted it but it took me weeks to figure out what it was from.

PS yours is definitely different but it just reminded me of that album cover