Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hawaii I will miss you

The best place on earth

This is the best place on Earth

for me.

I grew up here
Learned here
made friends

and will never forget it.

Mahalo for all the help that I received when I was in Hawaii this past summer. You all know who you are. I will miss you all!

I hope you all frequent my page to see what I'm up to. There are some great things to come.



Johanna said...

great things to come eh??


Bogus said...

i will miss you too

Kaai and Jen said...

dude aaron your stuff is so awesome. i am so happy for u in all your success.
best wishes

Jude Sells said...

Hey Aaron. Namea and I were looking for Hawaii pictures for our new place and stumbled on some awesome pictures that had your name on them. How can we order some? Are you guys are in Utah too? Everyone is moving here. I miss Hawaii to. Anyways let us know.

Johanna said...

this is SO old!!!!!!!