Sunday, January 25, 2009


A calabash brother of mine is pursuing his dream and making it happen.

He is known to the world as "CUBWORLD." Search google and see all he has to offer on the net. It's amazing. Music videos, Art ,interviews on CNN, and even shows in Amsterdam. He has been all over the world playing his soulful tunes. I have played trumpet with him a bunch of times in Hawaii and in Utah and will continue to do so as long as he still wants me around :-) We have some shows coming up that I will keep you all posted on.

Recently he recorded a music video with Bologna Fungi Films in his Grandpa's workroom here in Utah. Symbolic of him still working on his sound and himself. I was able to be the still photog for that night. Here is some of my work followed by a quick edit of the video.

Check him out at

Cubworld workshop_11

Cubworld workshop_10

Lights fade

Cubworld workshop_6

Cubworld workshop_5

Cubworld workshop_1

Cubworld workshop

Aloha Jake

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