Saturday, September 13, 2008

Getting back into the Photography swing of things

Working on the Upstanding Youth album Art surely was a treat for me but it sure feels good to be back behind the lens.
I've already done a bunch of shoots and been to a few of my favorite spots. I hope you guys enjoy these shots. You might even recognize some of them :-)

Grass Hill Panoramic

These pics were taken on the way to Pine Forest up in Laie. Me, Adam, and Kristen went up the other day for a quick hike. It was so good to be outdoors! The weather was perfect and the air could not have been crisper... once we got to the top. I kept thinking about how it would be if all of that was covered in snow! Ah! I can't wait for snowboard season!

safe passage

Grass Hill

The trail to pine forest

Thanks for thinking of me Adam and Kristen when you guys came out here. I would have been bummed if I found out later that you guys had gone without me. :-)

Oh yeah... remember how we all didn't really eat before we went so right after we got back to the car we went to the best place for nutrition?! Yeeeeah! The table at McDonald's was pret-ty quiet. haha

aloha everybody


Svenska & Sheaux said...

Dude, next time on on-island y'all have got to take me up. After Moab, those trails look like butter! I'm willing to bet y'all fly down em though. Anyway, the shots make em look more than appetizing!

Aaron Oldham said...

aloha brada. i'm really cowboy. winter 08-09 awaits you, along with us! ANDALE amigo!