Thursday, September 25, 2008


and I think you can keep voting everyday multiple times from different web browsers!

Support me and I could win a decent amount of cash to support me to get me back to Utah(for school) and on my way to getting Pro gear.

This is a long shot for me because I am coming into the game so late but I just have to try. Thanks! There are more than 30,000 entries and in one day I'm already ranked around 3,000.


KristenE. said...

Yay!! we voted for you. I tried to vote twice, but it told us that we had to wait 23.59 hours before we could vote again. Shucks. We'll try again tomorrow =) Good Luck. We know you can do it brother!

Bogus said...

i just voted for you 5 times :)

firefox, safari, camino, xtorrent and opera.

aaron eskaran said...

ahhhh yeah... I clear my cache and do it more when I'm sitting here too! haha

Thanks guys