Thursday, November 27, 2008


I will be leaving to MOVE back to Utah on Dec. 4th! Woo hoo. Going to get a real job and go 100% with a photography business. Wish me luck and if you want to shoot with me before then I am still open pretty much everyday! Let me know!

Some of the sights I'll leave behind and say Hello to again :-)

30 seconds at the cliff

River mouth at Waimea Bay

Adams drop at "Pounders", Oahu- Hawaii

Im home

Waimea bay meteor streak and stars

extended vacation


the key word

light and darkness

Just doing a little repayment :-)

My favorite wave of the day

Upstanding Youth circa Summer 2008



something I've never seen in person

The Oaks

oscarson family christmas_14.jpg

and just for fun I thought I'd show you all my first snowman I made last year in my front yard... we called him "LLED"

My first snowman!

Happy Holidays!

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