Thursday, November 20, 2008


A Modern Hawaiian Sunset

Sunset at Kaka'ako waterfront park with my Sister and Bro-in-law.

Diane and Jerrol in view of a rainbow


Love = Aloha

Fun pictures...
Guys... look at the stuff girls get us to do!


All smiles.

And more family wonderfulness.

Liko and Doug

Liko and Doug_25

Liko and Doug_20

Liko and Doug_19

Liko and Doug_21

Liko and Doug_5

Liko and Doug_7

Liko and Doug_1

It was fun Liko and Doug :-)


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

you've been busy aaron eskaran and they are all beautiful as always.

i like looking through your blog and seeing a lot of people i love. :)

hey! the word verifications is : being... cool!

aaron eskaran said...

thanks Steph... :-)

thats cool that our verification was that! Seriously what are the chances?!

I usually get : wxcvr tyff or something to that effect

Makana, Emily, Baby Ho said...

so cute!

liko said...

haha, i love you too, steph!!! and thank you, aaron, for being our photographer and making the best of the situation...much mahalos!! and i know you will have lots of work up in utah! and don't forget to send me a wedding invite ;-)

aaron eskaran said...

It was a challenge! But what can you say :-) I guess we should bring doughnuts for them next time...