Saturday, November 22, 2008

Going through the black and white archives...

and decided to do a little journal entry at the end of the post here too.


the difference between you and me

Black and White Underwater scene


black and white

black and white portrait

Black and white view of Kaneohe

Waimea Bay Black and white

J four



looking ahead


SLC Temple

Scenic Utah Desktop

hirune(afternoon nap)

conference attendees and the SLC Temple

Kala and Tre_93

Bridge over river

Leaves and reflection

The Stairway


lost in vines

Faith 4

as she tossed the snow

view from Squaw towards Timponogos


barn wide


the view from the ground up


 Joachim Guanzon

Jessica Matthews 8





waimea night_1

D grinding some sashimi

Waimea 31

"like this..."

Serene moment

lakes at Timpanogos

On the way to the top

Ode to Ansel

I think I could keep going for another 40 or 50 frames but I'll cool it here. I hope you all can see how I feel about my work through these photos.

I love it.

I carry my little black Pelican case with me everywhere not because I am scared to lose it(although most times that is the case), but because I really enjoy being ready to capture the brilliant or just plain mundane. It doesn't matter. Specific moments of time that we remember are actual fragments of who we are and they describe why we exist the way we do. We only live here on this earth once. Why let the ones we leave behind forget about what we did and why? I would like to beleive that what we do here be it big or small makes a difference to someone or some thing. Even if all I do is have someone glance at one of my images a thousand years from now and makes that persons day brighter I would be satisfied (as long as I can put food on the table now ;-). What if one of my kids becomes an artist and their kids kids and their kids kids? Can you imagine the kind of work that will come out of them? Could our ancestors even have begun to imagine what we would be doing now? Probably not but I would like to think that they did. I'm not too much of a writer and I hope my kids can decipher the code that I leave behind in my memories captured with light. I hope what I do now will be remembered and not looked over as I know we all probably do when it comes to those who have come before us.

Thanks to all those who have shared these and many other moments with me. Enriching my life and ultimately making me better and wiser. I look forward to the rest of life's challenges as I know they will arise. Sometimes I feel as if I am too concerned about the past and the future... there is a pretty wise saying that my niece has helped me to realize through her most recent favorite cartoon movie, Kung Fu Panda. The wise Turtle in the film says,"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that is why it is called the Present." Live everyday to the fullest.



KristenE. said...

GORGEOUS brother!! You are so talented. I really respect how talented you are. I think it is awesome that you are doing something that you love and better yet, it is able to sustain you! How cool is that. Not a lot of people can say they are going to do the thing they love for the rest of their life. Keep going for it! No matter what anybody says!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

some of these images are from a different time and all of them are amazing. i want to write an old fashioned childrens book to go with some of them and a novella about hiking and survival about others. i think you were smart to start that black nad white hawaii group because that is a timeless perspective that you dont see a lot of. people seem to capture hawaii in the same exact way- and i think you just gave it another story.

aaron eskaran said...

thanks guys :-)

It means a lot!

Bogus said...

this was absolutely killer. i think i'm going to do one on my blog. and yep, i carry my d300 and 50mm everywhere i go too, i love making b/w contrasty shots of anything and everything!

liko said...

beautiful words, aaron. you truly are an artist and all of your work amazes me. i admire art and have my own interpretation of it that is not quite up to par with yours, but it feels good to be able to express it the ways we choose to. your drawings, paintings, photos -- all pretty freakin' awesome!
and although we weren't the best models to work with, i love what you did for our family. thank you for sharing your talents.

awintheiser said...

Wow! These photos are amazing and inspirational.

I too carry my little black pelican case with me everywhere. You never know what the will cross your path.

eric m said...

brah this page is amazing! It really opens my eyes to how cool b&w is when it is done right. thanks for the inspiration.

Leona said...

Yes, about that art--when your dad was a little boy I told Grannie he should do art--the way I had wanted to do art but didn't know how to go about it??

I think it's in our family--I don't like going through a day where my hands have not created something--or my mind hasn't solved some obstacle in a project I'm working.

At least you have education and training--I just kinda work in a whirlwind and do whatever I decide to for a short time. I've always wished I could focus on just one single thing--one medium, one theme of something; but whenever I try to do that, I feel I'm missing out on something else.

When I'm creating, time goes by but I'm stuck in that moment of the project. I forget to eat, bathe, sleep, etc. and I hate it when I have to stop to do something or go somewhere (you know, like getting to WORK! or some appointment). I feel the world puts unfair demands on me and my creativity is stifled! So much to do, so little time!

Your work inspires me to keep on keeping on at whatever it is I'm doing!